Monday, March 16, 2009

Got Good Stewardship?

The word, stewardship, simply means to manage someone else's property.

For the Christian, as Scripture proclaims everything belongs to God, we manage the property of our Lord. Since everything belongs to Christ, we need to have the attitude and view that our things how little or great, what we have now or potential are His things. Our stuff that we have now or what we want to acquire are His stuff, that all we could have now, all we have lost, all we will have, is His, including our very bodies, opportunities and spiritual gifts. We are mere lessees of the property, money, relationships, talents, time, and even our lives.

That means all that we are and all that we have is not really ours to begin with. They belong to God. So, the duty of the Christian is to learn how to become responsible stewards of our Lord's resources entrusted into our care. To manage everything to the best of our abilities for His glory, 1 Cor. 4:2 Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

Some Christians will have a big problem with what I am trying to get across here. Perhaps their will, pride, greed and assumptions have clouded their thinking. Or they think we are entitled to health and wealth, but the Bible tells us the opposite. All we need to do is carefully and honestly examine what God's Word has to say! 2 Corinthians Ch. 8 and 9 will tell you all you all you ever need to know about this topic…

Here are some things to think about

· Stewardship is a priority! We need to take what we have and put it to the right use.

· Stewardship is also about exercising the gifts He gives, not letting them waste away or control us. We are to find them and put them to use with joy and not allow their results, such as money to rule over our will and plans. To do otherwise is a big waste and a travesty.

· Stewardship is being His faithful servant. It is the understanding of who we are in Christ and being grateful for that. In addition, it is being willing to put forth the effort to please Him, even though we do not have to.

· Stewardship sees tithing as an investment, with eternal values in mind, not a loss of temporary goods.

· Stewardship means trusting in our God, who provides for our spiritual and physical needs.

· Stewardship is also being wise to the ways of the world, so we do not fall prey to it.

Are you giving what's right, or what's left? 2 Corinthians 8-9

God is concerned with what is in our hearts, and a good heart has responsible character assigned to it. That is what being a good steward means. This is shown to us by our role in taking care of creation, the testimony of the Law, and the Psalms, to name a few. Stewardship, in Hebrew, means “house law and rule.” It means that the person who is hired is to manage the affairs for the owner. This means that the property, resources, money, and previsions are under the steward's control and responsibility. They belong to God, and are entrusted into our hands. Thus, all dimensions of management are under the word and theme of stewardship! So, all that we do in the affairs of our daily life is under stewardship too! Is God concerned with what is in your heart? Yes, He is, and being a good steward will show that you have a good heart!



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