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Are we really to submit?

Read Colossians 3:18-4:1

Isn’t this an archaic notion that is ridiculous for us now?

We have a tough passage for Americans and Europeans living in the postmodern world. A passage that seemly tells women to submit and men to lord over them, which will be scoffed at and summarily rejected as absurd. But what does submission mean in Biblical the light? Are women really to blindly obey their husbands, what about rights and abuse? Are men to lord over their wives without regard to care or respect?

Yet, if you really carefully read the Colossian passage and consider the context, you will find some great comfort and answers. There is a call a healthy vibrant martial relationship. This comes from wives being tender and kind to their husbands and most of all respect them. And a call for husbands to earn their wife’s respect with their unconditional love to them. And this is to be a reflection of what Christ has done for us!

Wives and husbands, love each other and do not mistreat each other, as Christ has treated us beyond what we deserve or need. Even children are to participate in the love of a home by obeying their parents and respecting them? Why? Because our obedience is pleasing to our Lord. This will also help us live well and right and not be discouraged or lose hope. These actions show respect for our Lord and to one another.

Let look at this

· Wives are asked to submit, as in give respect to their husbands. The wife’s submission is a form of respect that is a response to their husband’s love for them and his care and provision. This is earned because he loves her and has her best interest and care at heart this not about blindly obeying their husbands or taking abuse.

· Submit is a military term (Greek: hupotasso), which means "to place under" or "to subordinate" as a line relationship. This is like when and how we respond to Christ with love and service because of His free gift of grace. We do not earn salvation for service; rather, service is a fruit of our gratitude. In the same way, submission is not to be forced, but offered freely in response to love. It is something we replicate, as in responding in kindness so our response to each other is fueling the other’s response, and so forth.

In this way, we escalate our love and kindness to one another instead of argumentation, repression and dysfunction. Meaning this is how we love and reach out to one another and to God. It is even a duty, not because of weakness or inferiority, or that one is better than the other. Rather, God has placed, in the order of creation, the husband as head of the home, just as Christ is the head of the Church. They have different roles, yet each one is equal in the sight of God! Thus, the husband loves and respects his wife and earns her devotion and the result is the continual, mutual respect that builds an effective, strong marriage relationship (Eph. 5:22; 1 Peter 3:1).

· What about men, Husbands. Husbands are asked to love their wives! In ancient times, marriage contracts would advocate the husband to make his wife submit with absolute obedience. Paul’s asserting to his churches and readers to love, and because of love to submit, was very radical. To Paul, love was a duty. It was even considered weak by the macho mindsets of the times as well as with many people today. But, this is not weak; it is building the strength of a relationship and the bond of a family by creating a mutual partnership. Thus, men do not lord over their wives (Amos 3:3; 1 Corinthians 7:3-4; 13)!

· Obey is a call to have respect for authority and to care for and keep careful watch over the people as shepherds, because God will hold us to account. This does not mean we submit to dictatorial or dysfunctional family members or any form of bad leadership (Isa. 21:8; Jer, 23:4; Ezek. 3:17; 33:6; 35:7; Hab. 2:1; Acts 20:28; Heb. 13:7; 1 Pet. 5:2-4; 3 John 9-10).

Is this still tough to handle? Consider this; submission is not the tyrannical concept most of us harbor in our minds. Rather, it is freedom! It is a form of mutual respect. It allows us to be free, and to have the best flowing in and out of us. It is a safe harbor of smooth waters keeping us protected from the storms of wrong actions. It frees us from bad thinking that leads to bad choices which, in turn, leads to a life of misery and trouble! For a wife to respect her husband, she shows him the respect he needs and the unconditional love that helps fuel his desire to return love. He receives his value and honor that is so important to a man. The wife and children respond because she knows they are cared for and cherished. Love is often reciprocal; the husband loves and the wife responds with respect and honor and conversely with the entire family. If one of these are not functioning then you have a dysfunctional home. And, when things are not going well, the wife should and must still respect him (unless there is abuse), as with the husband who must still love, regardless of how the other is being with him. It follows that the relationship will vastly improve!

What do you think?

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