Monday, December 29, 2008

Here are Some Thoughts to Consider for the New Year

Read John chapters 14:1-6 and 15:1-8; 11-14:

Knowing you are Christ's friend and are called to abide in Him:

1. What do you need to do, to be focused upon to build your life on His precepts?

2. What can you do to live by faith as a verb (action)? Most Christians just “think” about living the Christian life and do not really apply their faith into the reality of their daily life.

3. Can you benchmark some goals? That is draw up a spiritual action plan for 2004, like a business plan is essential to establish vision and build a business, so is establishing a plan to build your faith.

a. What is this plans vision and goal?

b. How will you accomplish this goal?

c. Who will help you be accountable?

4. What can you do to see that these goals turn to reality and not end up on a piece of paper in the trash?

5. Consider you cannot change how others treat you, but you can change how you treat and react to how others treat you!

a. So how do you treat others?

b. How do you react to others?

c. Are these actions inline with the character that Christ calls us too?

What should we do? What do we need to consider and to avoid? For this quest, let us venture into God’s most precious Word, and examine the Scriptures carefully to find His Will. Use one of our Bible Reading Plans, and for deeper insights and self study, ask what does this mean, how can I be changed because of these precepts and how will it affect my life if I do and… then do it!

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