Monday, April 05, 2010

The Root of Pride

If it is your idea and plan to destroy your church, then have and exercise pride!

Pride is defined as the attitude that one is superior to others, even to the extent of regarding others with contempt as if they were unworthy of any relation or interaction. Pride shows the basic thinking that "I am better than you are!" Other Biblical synonyms for pride are arrogant, insolent, boastful, stiff-necked and haughty. These aspects of pride clog us up and away from our loving Savior as they restrict the flow of His character in our lives and inhibit goodness from flowing to others through us. Why is it so bad? It does not allow Jesus Christ to be the ultimate plumber and unplug our spiritual drainpipes. So, all we can do is pour our waste all over the floor of life, and refuse to allow godly characteristics to flow in our relational pipes and thus have a church like an overflowing toilet, a stinky mess that gives God no glory.

Pride is evil because it unveils and lifts our self-interests and our self-sufficiencies, which seem necessary and good. But, when we are self-sufficient, we will not only fail to see our need for redemption, but also fail to see our need for growth in spiritual matters. Therefore, self becomes the god, and any work of the One True God is muted and put aside. When this happens, all of our relationships—from church to family to work—will be distorted and eventually, utterly destroyed. A person’s pride comes between him and God and distorts the Word and work He has for them. It cancels out relationships, growth, and purpose in life. People who practice arrogance and condescension toward others will not surrender to God as Lord. They think of themselves as self-reliant, which is a slap to the face of God. Self-reliance is an oxymoron and has no place in healthy relationships!

We need to see the imperative God warns us of in regard to pride. Why? Because, we are still in rebellion against His decrees and His best for us when pride rules our thoughts and actions. We cannot see the value nor get a grasp of the promises of God until we surrender our pride and will to His preeminence. Make the determination to be His; do not allow your self-will to be in His way! Allow Christ to take you beyond your hopes and dreams (John 3:5).

What can I do?

Pay attention to yourself and how others react to you. When we are focused on seeing the failings, disappointments, corruption, and deceit in others, usually it is because we are filled with it ourselves, and we do not take the Word of God seriously. What if God judged us as we do others? So, the answer is, don't!Yet, some Christians can be some of the most critical and arrogant people on earth! As Christians, we need to be an example for Him wherever we are, set ourselves above pettiness, and let God remove our pride! Let us look at the first four big relationship killers: Don’t play these games; your church and relationships are too precious and valuable to destroy them with our whims or hurts.

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At 5:25 PM, Blogger Clay said...

Have enjoyed my visit to your blog. Imagine my surprise also that your wife's name is MaryRuth, my mothers name. Pam in Henan

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Rev. Prince Ansah said...

I thank you so much for this has helped me and i will also teach others especially the soul winning family members

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank u for this blog and for shepherding me back to true confession as a eye opener of what is really going on in my life thank u for being a powerful vessel in gods hand as u spoke u made me realize that I am pride full but by listening to your made me recognize mi actions and today I chose to surrender it to my king and pray for a change thank you. Pastor and have a bless day.


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