Monday, September 14, 2009

Authentic Love is not resentful

When God tells us that love keeps no record of wrongs, He means we do not go around with a list, writing down the faults of one another. Rather, we are to look for the positive things that happen in our relationships, and to affirm others. We are to seek reconciliation and forgiveness, never strife or dissention. We should not go around with a negative attitude, but rather with one that is positive, enthusiastic, and equipping to God's people. We are not to keep track of the mistreatments we may receive from friends or our spouse. Because God loves us so much, He does not keep a scorecard of our sins as long as we honestly repent of them. We do not need to reflect negatively or gossip about the flaws of other people in order to elevate ourselves. God refuses to do that to us. Love lets things such as resentment and anger go, so they do not build up and destroy us and our relationships.

Love that is real is a fruit that is also made from our faith. Real love shows our authenticity and trust in our Lord, which allows us to serve and to remain steady and secure. True Love comes from our true living faith that God gives and builds. This is synergized along with our struggles in love and life. Here, that love is a warning against negating our duty or neglecting what God gives. If we refuse to allow His love to work in us, then our faith and the future He has for us will not be received or achieved. If we leave the love in our own will and distresses, we limit our sanctification and cut ourselves off from having God further use us as examples of redemption, examples of His Love. Remember; we do have a great reward that awaits us for being faithful, so we need not fear to fail or reject His guidance or the fellowship of others

When bad things happen, when people do us wrong, we are to see it as our Lord does and deal with it as He did. We have to see the big picture of Christ and His work in us and in others’ lives as well as we all intertwine in one another’s lives and sin. It is out of our mistakes and sin as well as the sin from others that will cause our pain, hurt, and resentment. To stop the escalation, there is only one thing to do. We are called not to record it, not to harbor it, not to dwell on it, not to hold on to it, and not to even give it notice! Why? It would be like deciding to hold on to a poisonous snake after it bit you because you are mad that it bit you. All this will accomplish is getting more bites until you die in agony. Our blame, pain, and resentments will spiral into animosity and build into bitterness, until our relationships are destroyed and we are cast into isolation and further stifle, unless we do not harbor it. If we can avoid being resentful, really forgive, and not hold on to what and who has hurt us, we can then move on (Psalm 32; Matt 18:21-35; Mark 11:25; John 13:34-35; Eph. 4:29-32; Col. 3:12-14; Heb. 13:21-21).

Questions to Ponder

1. Have you ever kept track of the faults of others? How did that make you feel? How did that work for you? How does forgiveness make you feel?

2. Why is it that love can’t just mean anything or it would be worthless?

3. What can you do to look for the positive things that happen in your relationships? How would this help you affirm others? Who will you start with?

4. What can you do to prevent yourself from building up resentment and anger? How can you let these things go so they do not build up and destroy you and your relationships?

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