Monday, June 08, 2009

Does Jesus effects your contentment?

Read John 3:22-36

As our happiness is not because of a focus of a ministry or an opportunity; rather that God is using us and because Christ is with us! The context is that a wedding is a celebration of friendship and commitment that produces joy. This is not passive on our part; we are active "in with" faith that gives us the joy now when we follow Him (Rom. 2:5-16; 3:22; 5:10; 9:30).

This also helps us with the authority of the mission, because we can realize this all comes from the One who sent us to do it. God is the Author of life, salvation, and our Christian service. This also measures the mission parameters: what are we doing and why? Is it for Him or for us? Christ sends us, and our real authority and purpose is that we have to do what comes from God. When we lose sight of Him, we lose sight of our mission and become problems and not partakers of His Kingdom. Real ministry can never come from a person’s will, his/her seeking of power and control, or to make a name for him or herself. Real ministry only comes from our Lord and always gives Him the glory. If we are a leader, we must not just keep Christ in the loop—He is the loop. We must adhere to Him in all that we are and do (John 6:65; 19:11; 1 Cor. 4:7)!

We must realize the sacredness of our Lord and Savior; we must acknowledge His Holiness so He touches us ever so deeply and consistently in every aspect of our lives. His life and work must overshadow ours, so He is more and we are less. In order to reach Christian maturity, we have to allow His Presence to enter us. He does so at our conversion, but we usually only allow Him into the entryway of our lives, not into the deep recess of our heart’s home. He must have access to every bit and part, every nook and cranny; every corner must be filled with Christ so that He is more and we are less. We have to see our lives compared to a hamster on a spinning wheel, going nowhere in the cage of the world. Let Jesus take you outside of yourself and will so you are not imprisoned by your fears and felt desires and needs. What we have is ever so limited and imperfect; what He has for us is limitless and impacting. Be transformed and renewed; be His and His alone so your life shines His Way; allow His uniqueness and impact to take you beyond your own set limits and your doubts into the far reaches and depths of your spiritual formation so you are more faithful, assured, and fruitful, because your life belongs to Christ. He is your LORD, so be and do and act in accordance with who He is and what He has done for you!

Questions to ponder

1. How would you describe your personal identification and relationship to our Lord and Savior?

2. How has the Gospel Message impacted you? What do you need to do so that Christ, His Will, and His work become greater in you than your will and the occupations of your life? What do you need to do to make this happen? When will you do it?

3. What work do you think you still need to do for God? What do you need? How will you do it? When will you do it?

© 2009, Rev. Richard Krejcir


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