Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do you want to know what the Will of God is for your life?

The struggle to seek or find the Will of God

Seeking and searching, in our contemporary language, suggests looking for something that is not there or can’t be seen. But, is this what we do when we search for the Will of God? When most Christians say they want God’s Will, they may actually want Christ to do their will! So, this subject must be sought with reverence and obedience or we will miss it completely, rebalancing our will for His so we can have the trash we want instead of the wonders He has for us.

The struggle to seek or find the Will of God has conflicted and confronted countless Christians and non-Christians alike over the millennia. But, most miss the point of the quest and end up with the wrong items, declaring them as God’s Will, or they give up and say God’s Will cannot be found. So, what is the Will of God? A basic, general idea of what it means to know the Will of God is found in Matthew 6:33 …But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well….

Seek first the Kingdom of God refers to our quintessential quest in life as a Christian. It is about knowing Christ and pursuing a relationship that grows then is filled with Fruit, purpose, and maturity. It is about placing Christ first and foremost as Savior and Lord. By Lord, we mean He is ruling our hearts, minds, and actions, including our motivations and desires. So, we seek what is best, as Jesus has planned out the best for us. When we only look to ourselves or what we want, we miss His golden opportunities and goodness.

So, what is “seeking” about?

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