Friday, October 16, 2009

We need your prayers!

The Ministry is growing, yet we have our ills…

Even though the ministry is growing, by usage and prominence, this mission endeavor, indeed, is a very tough gig now. As with many people in fulltime ministry, our personal support and the ministries giving has plummeted to record lows. And with Mary’s leave of absence to take care of her mom (she had a stroke last month, but is doing better now, thanks for prayers) this all has its challenges both emotional and financial (She has no Med insurance, please pray for this too). We tend to be exhausted, warn and weary, sometimes wondering how much more can we do this without more help?

We need your prayers!

Every person I know in fulltime Christian service is having trials, overseas it is persecution and here it is financial, weird stuff and burnout.

Our Ministry Partners are facing Extreme Persecution!

In Pak-istan in District Toba Tek Singh an entire Christian village (korian) has been burnt out by the Mus-lims militants and they have also burned down two Churches. The rest of the Christians are very scared in these districts.
Mus-lims Militants have burnt out the whole Christian colony in Gojra and destroyed as of now at least one Church. One young person died.
Please pray for them, Christians are fleeing from their homes and villages. There is no accommodation or relief for them.
Above confirmed by three sources!

Not confirmed, one report said that they have gouged out eyes of a few young boys and few women too in these areas.
These are direct reports from the field! Please pray for them urgently.

The challenges and the enemy are daunting and strong but our Lord is stronger, so we need prayer to combat this! The devil hates us and it seems that everyone else interrogates those who serve Christ; we praise God for you all who are in Christ, for your prayers and support!

I feel silly (as they say in England) to share this with you, but I need to…

Here is a small snapshot what we faced this week, and this is not the big stuff like others face…Instead of being chased by a lion, we are big peaked by ducks…

Strange, I have noticed many, many ministries and Christian missionaries and pastors have had their personal and ministry Facebook pages deleted, including just about every missionary I know and many people at our church.

On an unrelated note-lol For some unknown reason our Facebook account was hacked and deleted by some malicious person or group. FB has not gotten back to me or been able to help me get it back, we lost all friends and contacts (over 900)... This was an important tool for us to connect and communicate. I do not have the time or inclination to redo it.... Also, I have no way to update the Into Thy Word page either. I was told by another big ministry that an atheist group has been doing this to many Christian mission organizations or it could be FB not wanting Christians on it. There seems there is nothing we can do about it.

My attempt to create a new one, but the last one took me over a year to build:

Are we are damp and hot or cold and wet or?

As I write this, our dryer went out and our Frig is just about gone, it is more of as heater than a cooler now. Maybe I can put our clothes in the frig-lol Our cars are desperate for repair and maintenance like brakes and batteries, my shoe has holes and I sometimes wonder why am I doing this (wherein shoes or is it ministry?). Please pray, I fear, even though this ministry is fantastic (another England word), effectual and growing, I may have no choice but to quit ministry and find, as my mother has been pestering me too, to find a real job.

This is a small example of spiritual warfare we are undergoing personally and as Christians today. At least people are not trying to club us and burn us out like some of our SC Asian pastors that we are working with. I even feel embarrassed to tell you our silly woes compared to the people we work with. But you may need to know for prayer sakes...So Please, keep us and others in ministry and our partners covered in prayer.

Like many people in fulltime ministry, our finances are bleak; our giving is way down, we are worn...but God is in charge!

The good news? Yes there is! There are literally over 10,000 pastors we provide support materials too in these persecuted areas. Like pastoral aides and training curriculums, sermon building kits, church leadership kits by our overseas partners as well as consulting. In addition, many more thousands receive our Bible study and sermon helps through our websites (over 5,000 a day)... I get over 300 emails a day that I can’t possibly answer, mostly from people thanking us or asking for help... This ministry is viable, we are being used as a profound help to many and continues to grow in need and usage, but we do not have the funds coming in to make it work and we are also in debt (60K), again, please pray. Remember the people who use us, do so because they have no one else to turn to or what is out there is junk, and other ministry’s only sell their wares. We are a “real ministry” and a mission and not a store and we do as Jesus said to do, give it...

And a big thank-you for those of you who have prayed and given to us!

Without you we would literally be out on the street right now...and these pastors would have no essential materials to lead and manage their churches.

As our “terminator” Governor has stated, this is the good, the bad and the ugly. For us, unlike the State of Cal, we have been responsible and wise stewards. The good is we have been faithful and the ministry thus far continues and grows because of our Lord and you. The bad is, our income intake and the ugly is...I hate to say it; our board may shut us down, as they did with Gospel Communications if our finances do not turn around soon...

Did I mention we need prayer? Oh yea, we need support too...

Be blessed and thank-you all for your prayers and support, without you we can’t do the real needed ministry!

Please help us, donate online here:,+we+would+appreciate+it+very+much,+as+it+will+go+to+our+Lord's+work!

Richard, Mary and Ryan Krejcir
Phil 1:6

We are serving the Lord at Into Thy Word, with pastoral training and equipping and encourage church leaders to understand and apply God’s Word into our life!

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