Monday, November 29, 2010

My Trip to the Emergency Room

I had a bit of a problem last Mon, had to go to the emergency room, via paramedics (not really there were more than 2) the drama of the ambulance, fire trucks (why did they send 2, I am not that big) and all theatrics sacred the little one, but I lived, major asthma attack followed by an massive allergic reaction, worst in my life… another near death experience, but wait it gets worst, it was embarrassing and now the bill is coming!

It has been a tough year for us, it is the “year of the Job,” experiencing medical problems, lowest giving in 30 years and we can’t pay bills, was swindled and cheated by a friend in a bad real estate deal, my hydrogen car did blow up, the loss of most of our overseas operations due to the floods, (who knew fish farms did not like all that water) and the irony, our roofing business, is in the biggest demand ever (how we raise funds for our overseas opps) but we lost all of our buildings and equipment and can’t replace it… We have no funding and massive opportunity. So, I have a week to find what I am grateful for, besides Christ in my life and my family….

Hot off the press, our new Newsletter!

Please keep us in prayer; we are facing enormous spiritual warfare and difficulties against us as staff, ministry workers and the ministry. We need your fervent prayers and people to step up with support to continue this ministry, be blessed and thank-you!



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