Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Challenge

Hi church leaders and Pastors,

Please consider adding us and or our ministry to your churches missionary prayer and or support roster... we are currently training over 20,000 pastors and equipping many, many more and we are in great need! We need your partnership to continue our efforts to receive what Christ gives by His work empowering our work for His glory.

We are in a bit of a bind and need some help.

Some concerned friends and board members urged me to share this with you…As you know, we do not ask for money, but now we feel we need to…So, I am not soliciting, rather sharing the situation we are in…

The good news is, our ministry, Into Thy Word and our affiliates are doing great! Even with our funding woes and many partners like Gospel Communications closing their doors, we are continuing. This is because of you, thank-you! We in fact had a fantastic ministry year. We held three fundraising banquets for our thirtieth, launched a new popular blog and a website that is becoming a significant force for the church the world over (, our overseas work is exploding, just to name a couple of things. I sit back and I am utterly amazed on what God is doing and the people that are connected with us. It is very humbling and yet daunting.

So this leaves us with a challenge, more here:

Be Blessed!


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