Monday, June 03, 2013

Why Should We Make an Outline?

I developed this curriculum for you to use from over twenty years of research. I sought out the principles and resources that a good "sermonizer" uses to teach. Why is one preacher bad and another good when they come from the same seminary and denomination?
From my original mentorship under Francis Schaeffer, study under Ray Stedman, and interviewing hundreds of excellent Bible teachers including Charles Swindoll and R.C. Sproul for my book, Into Thy Word, it has been my quest to see what "secrets" and means can best be utilized to learn and then teach His Word. I discovered that an outline is essential, after a good inductive and or exegetical study, to lay out what we are to learn and then to teach. By the way, every good preacher is first a learner before they become a teacher! Being a learner, doing an inductive approach, and then outlining are the common denominators of what a good Bible-centered pastor does to prepare.
There are no shortcuts to good Biblical messaging. We need, your congregation needs the right essential elements and tools to produce sermons. Outlining is essential for a Bible teacher use to prepare their lesson. Outlining will be your primary means of producing quality, Bible-centered lessons, talks, sermons, or even research papers.
An outline is an essential tool. It can be used for any form of text, whether it is a Bible passage or any other form of literature-from Shakespeare to a textbook to a magazine article. This is the way any good writer or researcher goes about preparing and organizing his materials.
An outline is basically an aid to help lay out the precepts and reasons of your sermon, study, or paper in a systematic, easy to use and easy to read structure. It helps you as the writer and another person as the reader to identify the general ideas and key thoughts of your line of reasoning. The basic consideration is for you to define the main idea and then the subordinate ideas.
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At 4:44 AM, Anonymous karissa said...

Hi Richard - i just finished your paper on the rapture. I, too, have had feelings along the same lines for many years, but i've come at it from a slightly different angle. I think people hold on to this like a sinking ship because they don't want to believe that they have to endure the events in Revelation. I've come up in the Southern Baptist church (which i have since been kicked out of for my beliefs). SB's believe in a pre-trib rapture. the whole expression is so esoteric. i often wondered why the book of Revelation is even IN the Bible if we are to endure NONE of those events. was it only to scare us into being "saved" so as to be raptured and avoid the horror of God's judgment of the earth and its inhabitants? I believe that rapture teaching, in many cases, causes us as Christians to be lackadaisical in our faith. We ignore the rest of the scriptures that implore us to obedience, faithful living and a daily relationship with the only true God who is able to deliver us from the body of this death. Thanks for your continued diligence in the word, Richard. We remain, as much as we can, steadfast, unmoveable and always abounding in the work of the Lord, KNOWING that our labor in Him is not in vain. Press on!


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