Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet God and be transformed agents of His Work!

We must do our best to immerse ourselves to meet Him, to know Him, to internalize His precepts and live them out for His glory and our mutual benefit. Therefore, we must listen, learn, and do (James 1:21-27).
How do I meet with God? Simple. How do you make friends?
How do you get to know them?
How do you nurture your rapport and build a relationship with them?

This is one of the applications of Romans 12, which is pretty much the same way we grow in Christ. To build friendships, we spend time with people to listen, learn, experience, and discover; our trust builds and our relationship builds. We do this also with God, spending time to nurture our relationship, in person to His Person by reading the Bible, studying His precepts, worship and praying amongst other spiritual disciplines.

Why? God wants us to know Him, and to do this we need to meet with Him. God wants you transformed and renewed. This means we must be in transformative engagement with Him through His Word to do this building and nurturing! We are to know Him, grow in Him by our adoring engagement with Him by listening so that we will be learning His calls, commands, instructions, history, even His poetry--all from in the Bible, in His Cradle of Instruction. To do this, we learn to trust and grow to obey; this is the essence of being a growing committed Christian and collectively as a vibrant church!

Meeting God is up to Him. Meeting with God is up to us.

There are certain things that must take place to know Him more. First, we believe. We accept. We have faith. Then, we cultivate to make the application of our faith real and effectual.

What a cultivation tool?

The Gospel is. The Gospel shows how we shall live in faith-from doctrine to duty-from what we glean, learning and living. This is the cultivation process of getting to know God. This translates our faith to the practical aspect of the Gospel. As Christians, we have received the greatest gift conceivable. We have been saved, not of any effort or reason on our part except by faith.

What do we do to live fully in Christ?

We meet with Him! We do this not by osmosis, birthright or wishfulness; rather, this faith-this beautiful and complete relationship with our Father-is cultivated by our due diligence in connecting with Our Lord, building relationships and increasing trust-just as we would do with any trusted friend.



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