Monday, September 13, 2010

What does it mean to be a Slave for Christ?

Are you devoted to Christ or a slave to your misguided will and to the manipulation of others?

Hold on, put the stones down and let’s look at this objectively….It comes to a key word and a premise we will see thought Scripture and validated by key scholars and key Bible figures. This premise, a growing and mature Christian will have to realize that we belong exclusively to Christ! The word is “doulos” and it means we are more bonded too and obligated to Christ then our church vernacular and culture and popular preaching is saying! That we realize that Jesus Christ is more than a mere dada or best friend…he not our copilot or spiritual guide…He is not a past religious figure hanging n a cross or around our neck…He is more and we are more in Him……..He is not merely regulated to a catechism or a creed not matter how important it is to us….He…Jesus Christ… has purchased us out of sin and doom into His love, care and grace! He took us from sin and has given us a great reason for being for His glory!

We are a slave to Christ!

And I will explain to you that this is good! Look at it this way….at some point in our spiritual development we have to understand beyond simple belief in the magnitude of Who and What Jesus is, and then who we are in Christ. Our simple act of saving faith must grow to a point we can truly trust and say, I am solely and soul; totally belong to Christ as His pupil and His property! Jesus Christ is LORD, He is my LORD and my Master, my Savior, my KING and there is no better place for me to be! So. Is this is so, yes we are a doulos!

The concept of being a slave for Jesus will be hard for many to grasp, it was for me at first….

Of course, slavery has some negative conations, perhaps the biggest blight on humanity sowing our darkest sin. The history of slavery and slave traders and its abuses and traffic is heinous, not such a great testimony for Europe and early America. Did you know why I am a bit darker than most Dutch boys? Even though I can’t dance or shoot a hoop, my great grandfather was born a slave, and I knew him as a child and the stories he told. This is why you may see my at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and lovin it there! So when slavery is mentioned what comes to my mind is my family heritage and my grandfathers stories. What may come to others is that we may put up our defensive mechanisms and either do not understand or seek to counter the precepts of the key word that Scripture gives and insert our own idea, thinking we know better.

But keep in mind this is sandwiched between His other charters for us as His “dear children,” His “Sheep” and loved ones who he went to the cross for. So take hope that this aspect of our relationship to in and with Christ is necessary and effectual for us, it glories Him and gives us true freedom!

Being Christ’s slave is an act of mutual love

Keep in mind that submission is not the tyrannical concept most of us harbor in our minds. Rather, it is freedom! It is a form of the offering we are to God with our respect. It allows us to be free, and to have the best flowing in and out of us. It is a safe harbor of smooth waters keeping us protected from the storms of wrong actions and bad choices, what the other master, the Devil offers us. Slavery in Christ frees us from bad thinking that leads to bad choices which, in turn, leads to a life of misery and trouble!

A love servant in Deuteronomy 15 means, a devoted slave says to their master to pierce their earlobe with an “awl” against the doorframe of the house. i.e. a big ear piercing, to symbolize a very clear message that echoes what should be in our heart to our Saving LORD, "I love you, I need you, and I will not leave You." This is a declaration as a servant in your house, I will remain loyal and trust you will trust me thus, so I am not going to leave you for another master…

This act permanently bonded this slave to this house as in family and to this master. And this slave could never be released and go free again. Nor could the master ever sell them, so this act had mutual effects and consequences and responsibilities. Thus this slave became more than a servant, they became more of a family member who was permanently attached to this family…bondservant. These servant were like Joseph and Potiphar’s, trusted with more of their master's dealings than a normal slave or servant would have.

Thus as a slave for Christ we can use this as an expression of faith and a conviction to grow deeper in our spiritual formation. "I love you, Lord, and I will never leave or forsake You."

Servant means a slave, the fact that as a committed follower of Christ, I must attest that I belong completely and entirely to Christ. He purchased, restored, and renewed me and He empowers me. As a “doulos” I can now understand my relationship and position in Christ. I can realize I am dependent upon and grateful to Christ as LORD. He is my only true Truth and rule, for in the here and now and into all of eternity.

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