Monday, October 06, 2008

Why is it so important to start one’s day with prayer?

How does this set the tone for the rest of the day?

Read Psalm 5, this is a Psalm of practicing His presence when one is in distress. Faith and trust and a commitment to obey are marks of a person who loves and honors God. God indeed hears our prayers and cares; the only catch is for us to be righteous. This is something He gives to the Christian! Even when life is falling apart, one whose trust is in the Lord need not fear what others may do or not do. When God seems distant and our hurts are overwhelming, we must still have faith and confidence, because our situation will change. Nothing is permanent; He does hear our prayers. It is we whose perceptions, fears, and hurts block Him out. But a will that does not seek Him will hurt us, others around us and even God Himself. We have to realize that God indeed cares and loves us, a fact not dependent upon our feelings or situation. If we really love Christ and we are His by faith, there is no reason to fear. But we must be careful our hurt and anger do not take us over so we forget His care and commit sin. There is never an excuse to sin; there is always a reason to trust Him (2 Chron. 20; Psalm 16:11; 62:5; Isaiah 6:6-7; 43:18; Luke 10:42; John 12:32; Cor. 3:18)!

We are usually so entwined in what we are dealing with we rarely look up to the One who Guides and Helps. We often miss the main thing in life and in ministry because of our preoccupations and distractions. God wants us in Him—to simply trust and obey no matter what situation we are in. Do not allow past pains or present trend-setting get in the way of what is really important. These things are not to be your identity. Christ is to be that; He is your All in All—so live your life as if it is so, because it is! Our God is the One to whom we can come! He is always here with us, whether we see Him or not. If we are in dire suffering and in all the noise of our pain and plight all we can see is the darkness of no hope, God is still there. He is waiting on us more than we are waiting upon Him.

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