Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faith…Hope…Love…Truth and Fruit. Do you have these?

Are they working well?

For the secret of being a contented, successful, happy Christian is our absolute trust and confidence in Christ! And God is the One who gives us what we need. The question is, are we grateful for it? Do we have confidence and hope so we persevere in our commitment and production of faith? Are we living out what He pours in us so it pours out through us? So what is pouring from you? The question Paul is seeking to get across to both this church and the church now is the question the Holy Spirit has for you: is the work of the Spirit and God’s love being exhibited in you? The answer will be in your fruit and joy. These key words are definitely a call of God for us to internalize, adhere to, and put them into action so they are externalized. These gifts turn into virtues and character by our application of them. If these are not being produced, then there is a real critical problem that will cause a discontent with God and result in emotional bondage, discontent, and broken relationships. We are all called to bear fruit and if we do not, something is very wrong in us. Either we are not regenerated, or we are in disobedience. When we have joy in and gratitude for Christ, we will produce fruit, and these key words, and be joyful, will have joy for others too. If we do not have joy for others, then we have unforgiveness in our hearts, and these virtues will not be flowing.

Continue to be faithful for our Lord Jesus Christ so God continues to pour out His grace so we can have peace in abundance. The key is to always give thanks to Christ, and to have gratitude for who He is and what He has done for you. Our trust in Christ should show up as gratitude and a life lived out well. We can easily do this when we see what lies ahead for us in Heaven. What we have and what we will have are astonishing, our joy now as well as our hope to come in eternity. The Good news of the Gospel must make an impact on us so we can make a response. It changes lives, a complete change from the inside out, because of His Truth. And, this message of the Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ continues to ...

We are starting our new series in Colossians, here is the first one:


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