Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you Seek God’s Guidance?

Read Psalm 5:

David wants clarity of God’s will for him in the here and now—no esoteric theorems or hidden meanings or “feel good” analogies; he wants to know now what to do. He asks God to lead him: which way do I go? What do I do? What shall I say? and so forth—what we have all cried to God for at one time or another. David was dealing with people of ill intent, gossip mongers, people of evil approach who were way-laying and manipulating him, flattering king Saul while telling falsehoods about David to get him fired from his court position or even killed. David wants the tables turned and for them to get what they are plotting for him. He wants their own words to be their own trap, to be caught in their lies so he will be exonerated. Because they are rebelling against God and his righteous people, David asks God to remove them from his life so they will not cause trouble for others as well. Then the passionate appeals turn to worship, as he extols God and gives thanks for the ability to know Him and take refuge in Him. He also asks for God’s continued protection and Lordship and expresses joy for being in God. This Psalm closes with a benediction for God to bless His godly and give them His protection and empowerment.

What can you do to let God lead you rather than your pride? How would your communing with Him about your situations and fears help?


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