Monday, October 27, 2008

Are you Qualified in Christ?

Do you fully understand that you have been rescued from sin and darkness and from hopeless despair?

Has that hit home? Are you filled with gratitude because of what Christ has done? To venture further in the faith beyond our saving faith, we have to take heed and be encouraged that God is our rescuer! Therefore, we are to respond in gratitude for His provision and gifts (Col. 2:7; 3:17; 4:2)!

God hears and knows our deeds; He is overjoyed when they are good and faithful, giving out of our faith and not just soaking it in from Him. This is all about our trust and obedience in Him. We are called to hear His Word and then put that Word into our practice of life. The evidence of our faith and His impact on our lives will be what comes out of our lives onto others around us in fruit, character, and deeds. Our lives will be manifested by prayer that gives rise to thankfulness, from a will that trusts in Christ, that puts out Love, that synergizes our hope, kindness, and peace that, in turn, makes us faithful and good by what Christ has done for us. God’s Word, His written word and His Spirit are the change agents for us and for those around us! We can do nothing to earn our salvation; only Christ qualifies us. We just respond to what He has done with faith that leads to obedience, and accept His grace and transformation: He transforms and changes us completely!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faith…Hope…Love…Truth and Fruit. Do you have these?

Are they working well?

For the secret of being a contented, successful, happy Christian is our absolute trust and confidence in Christ! And God is the One who gives us what we need. The question is, are we grateful for it? Do we have confidence and hope so we persevere in our commitment and production of faith? Are we living out what He pours in us so it pours out through us? So what is pouring from you? The question Paul is seeking to get across to both this church and the church now is the question the Holy Spirit has for you: is the work of the Spirit and God’s love being exhibited in you? The answer will be in your fruit and joy. These key words are definitely a call of God for us to internalize, adhere to, and put them into action so they are externalized. These gifts turn into virtues and character by our application of them. If these are not being produced, then there is a real critical problem that will cause a discontent with God and result in emotional bondage, discontent, and broken relationships. We are all called to bear fruit and if we do not, something is very wrong in us. Either we are not regenerated, or we are in disobedience. When we have joy in and gratitude for Christ, we will produce fruit, and these key words, and be joyful, will have joy for others too. If we do not have joy for others, then we have unforgiveness in our hearts, and these virtues will not be flowing.

Continue to be faithful for our Lord Jesus Christ so God continues to pour out His grace so we can have peace in abundance. The key is to always give thanks to Christ, and to have gratitude for who He is and what He has done for you. Our trust in Christ should show up as gratitude and a life lived out well. We can easily do this when we see what lies ahead for us in Heaven. What we have and what we will have are astonishing, our joy now as well as our hope to come in eternity. The Good news of the Gospel must make an impact on us so we can make a response. It changes lives, a complete change from the inside out, because of His Truth. And, this message of the Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ continues to ...

We are starting our new series in Colossians, here is the first one:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Do you Seek God’s Guidance?

Read Psalm 5:

David wants clarity of God’s will for him in the here and now—no esoteric theorems or hidden meanings or “feel good” analogies; he wants to know now what to do. He asks God to lead him: which way do I go? What do I do? What shall I say? and so forth—what we have all cried to God for at one time or another. David was dealing with people of ill intent, gossip mongers, people of evil approach who were way-laying and manipulating him, flattering king Saul while telling falsehoods about David to get him fired from his court position or even killed. David wants the tables turned and for them to get what they are plotting for him. He wants their own words to be their own trap, to be caught in their lies so he will be exonerated. Because they are rebelling against God and his righteous people, David asks God to remove them from his life so they will not cause trouble for others as well. Then the passionate appeals turn to worship, as he extols God and gives thanks for the ability to know Him and take refuge in Him. He also asks for God’s continued protection and Lordship and expresses joy for being in God. This Psalm closes with a benediction for God to bless His godly and give them His protection and empowerment.

What can you do to let God lead you rather than your pride? How would your communing with Him about your situations and fears help?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Why is it so important to start one’s day with prayer?

How does this set the tone for the rest of the day?

Read Psalm 5, this is a Psalm of practicing His presence when one is in distress. Faith and trust and a commitment to obey are marks of a person who loves and honors God. God indeed hears our prayers and cares; the only catch is for us to be righteous. This is something He gives to the Christian! Even when life is falling apart, one whose trust is in the Lord need not fear what others may do or not do. When God seems distant and our hurts are overwhelming, we must still have faith and confidence, because our situation will change. Nothing is permanent; He does hear our prayers. It is we whose perceptions, fears, and hurts block Him out. But a will that does not seek Him will hurt us, others around us and even God Himself. We have to realize that God indeed cares and loves us, a fact not dependent upon our feelings or situation. If we really love Christ and we are His by faith, there is no reason to fear. But we must be careful our hurt and anger do not take us over so we forget His care and commit sin. There is never an excuse to sin; there is always a reason to trust Him (2 Chron. 20; Psalm 16:11; 62:5; Isaiah 6:6-7; 43:18; Luke 10:42; John 12:32; Cor. 3:18)!

We are usually so entwined in what we are dealing with we rarely look up to the One who Guides and Helps. We often miss the main thing in life and in ministry because of our preoccupations and distractions. God wants us in Him—to simply trust and obey no matter what situation we are in. Do not allow past pains or present trend-setting get in the way of what is really important. These things are not to be your identity. Christ is to be that; He is your All in All—so live your life as if it is so, because it is! Our God is the One to whom we can come! He is always here with us, whether we see Him or not. If we are in dire suffering and in all the noise of our pain and plight all we can see is the darkness of no hope, God is still there. He is waiting on us more than we are waiting upon Him.

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