Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you have the Lord’s Comfort?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, angry, and/or frustrated? Are you worried and anxious? Is life crashing down upon you as so many enemies converge and fight against you? Are people gossiping about you and conspiring against you saying you can’t do it, that you will fail?

So, what do you do? Give up? Or do you allow God to be your trust and focus, your shield of protection, and allow Him to rescue and save you? God is with you! For He already is your shield and He will lift you up in Him. So cry out to God, plead your case to Him; allow Him to take your burdens, for He will answer you. Rest in His arms; be safe in Him, for He is your Protector and purpose for living. He watches over you and loves you deeply and true, so trust in Him; allow Him to be your safety and Lord. In Him, you need not be afraid or worried, for whatever others may or may not do, you are safe—no matter what happens or what is lost or gained. Ask God to act and rescue you; allow your worries to be put away and discharged to His care by allowing Him to surround, impact, and sustain you. He will get your enemies and punish the wicked because true victory and contentment are found when we trust and obey Him. He will bless and keep you!

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