Monday, September 29, 2008

What causes you to have doubts, focusing on your fears and not Christ?

When in need, where do you go?

Read Psalm 4

Here David cries out to God. He knows Him and knows of His grace and ability to hear and care. He seeks communion and help: have mercy on me God, and hear my prayer. People have been taking advantage of David, seeking to harm him; he searches for the One who can help, but feels left out of the loop. He sees people ruining his name and reputation, and, tired of the gossip and slander, he asks when this will end and when these liars and manipulators will get what is coming to them. Then David shows his confidence in God. He knows that even though it seems his prayers are not being heard or responded to, the Lord has set apart the godly for His purpose and plan, and He will answer in His time. Then David commits not to sin by letting his hurt from and anger toward bad people, and a God who seems not to care get to him. Instead, he examines his life to make sure he is properly aligned with Him. We too must offer our selves and our trust. Times will improve; but even if they do not, I will trust in God. I know He smiles upon me and loves me; therefore He is my joy even when my situation is not joyful. I can trust Him, and I can have peace and security even when others come against me. My God will keep me safe in Him!

What do you need to examine in your life to make sure you are properly aligned with Christ? How can you offer your self and your trust?

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