Monday, September 29, 2008

What causes you to have doubts, focusing on your fears and not Christ?

When in need, where do you go?

Read Psalm 4

Here David cries out to God. He knows Him and knows of His grace and ability to hear and care. He seeks communion and help: have mercy on me God, and hear my prayer. People have been taking advantage of David, seeking to harm him; he searches for the One who can help, but feels left out of the loop. He sees people ruining his name and reputation, and, tired of the gossip and slander, he asks when this will end and when these liars and manipulators will get what is coming to them. Then David shows his confidence in God. He knows that even though it seems his prayers are not being heard or responded to, the Lord has set apart the godly for His purpose and plan, and He will answer in His time. Then David commits not to sin by letting his hurt from and anger toward bad people, and a God who seems not to care get to him. Instead, he examines his life to make sure he is properly aligned with Him. We too must offer our selves and our trust. Times will improve; but even if they do not, I will trust in God. I know He smiles upon me and loves me; therefore He is my joy even when my situation is not joyful. I can trust Him, and I can have peace and security even when others come against me. My God will keep me safe in Him!

What do you need to examine in your life to make sure you are properly aligned with Christ? How can you offer your self and your trust?

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you have the Lord’s Comfort?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, angry, and/or frustrated? Are you worried and anxious? Is life crashing down upon you as so many enemies converge and fight against you? Are people gossiping about you and conspiring against you saying you can’t do it, that you will fail?

So, what do you do? Give up? Or do you allow God to be your trust and focus, your shield of protection, and allow Him to rescue and save you? God is with you! For He already is your shield and He will lift you up in Him. So cry out to God, plead your case to Him; allow Him to take your burdens, for He will answer you. Rest in His arms; be safe in Him, for He is your Protector and purpose for living. He watches over you and loves you deeply and true, so trust in Him; allow Him to be your safety and Lord. In Him, you need not be afraid or worried, for whatever others may or may not do, you are safe—no matter what happens or what is lost or gained. Ask God to act and rescue you; allow your worries to be put away and discharged to His care by allowing Him to surround, impact, and sustain you. He will get your enemies and punish the wicked because true victory and contentment are found when we trust and obey Him. He will bless and keep you!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Faith…Hope…Love…Truth and Fruit

Do you have these? Are they working well?

For the secret of being a contented, successful, happy Christian is our absolute trust and confidence in Christ! And God is the One who gives us what we need. The question is, are we grateful for it? Do we have confidence and hope so we persevere in our commitment and production of faith? Are we living out what He pours in us so it pours out through us? So what is pouring from you? The question Paul is seeking to get across to both this church and the church now is the question the Holy Spirit has for you: is the work of the Spirit and God’s love being exhibited in you? The answer will be in your fruit and joy. These key words are definitely a call of God for us to internalize, adhere to, and put them into action so they are externalized. These gifts turn into virtues and character by our application of them.

If these are not being produced, then there is a real critical problem that will cause a discontent with God and result in emotional bondage, discontent, and broken relationships. We are all called to bear fruit and if we do not, something is very wrong in us. Either we are not regenerated, or we are in disobedience. When we have joy in and gratitude for Christ, we will produce fruit, and these key words, and be joyful, will have joy for others too. If we do not have joy for others, then we have unforgiveness in our hearts, and these virtues will not be flowing.

These are the things we will explore in our new Colossians study at next month…

Monday, September 08, 2008

Psalm 1

Which Way Will YOU Go?

This first Psalm gives us two ways to lead life: the way of the sinner, and the way of the righteous. A good Way that gives us hope, happiness, and purpose is contrasted to a bad way that leads to self-destruction, sadness, and hopelessness; so which do we choose to pursue? God calls us to pursue godly piety, a response we make from God's revealed precepts. Because His Word contains the directives for a life of real meaning and purpose, we can make good decisions and lead a godly life. This enables us to honor God and lead a healthy and well balanced life because we are making those good decisions from His precepts. Then we will receive His blessedness. God bluntly tells us the godly will prosper in Him and in life and the wicked will be scorned in life and judged in death. This is all about what we choose to do and be in life that affects our future here and in eternity and those around us too. It may seem that only the most dimwitted person would choose the ungodly life, but the reality is that most will choose this way, even those who claim Christ as Lord. God desires us to love the significant life—a life that is pleasing, fruitful, faithful, purposeful, a life of distinction, value, and righteousness! He is hurt and disappointed when we choose to sin or hang with bad people and allow them to influence us. Yet, He does not force us to the righteous life. We have the choice to go our way or His Way, to live with honor and renounce sin or to indulge in sin and be dishonorable to self, others, and God. But beware! We will be held to account for our actions and decisions!

The bottom line in the Psalms is that the choice of how to live your life is yours; you have the choice to be blessed, as a tree nourished by His Living Water (John 7:37-39) or perish as the chaff that is worthless and blows away (Matt. 3:12; 10:34-39; 13:47-50). You can have the high road or skid row; to be blessed or seek self destruction; to be in Him or to be away from Him! How will you now live? God has given you the abundant life, but you still have to reach for it and apply it by faith and obedience. The godly will always choose to allow God to direct their lives. He charts our course; it is the best course and plan conceivable, far beyond any hope we could have on our own. So, allow yourself to be directed by the God and Creator of the universe—not your feeble ways! Make God's Word a significant part of your life so you are infused with His Truth, and so the Spirit is firm and impacting in you! Then, you can impact others with His character and precepts.