Monday, July 21, 2008

Is your Church Relational?

The bottom line is this; do you want your church healthy?

Then it is essential that we know that building healthy relationships is essential and vital and what our Church is here on earth is all about. First, developing and encouraging a personal relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord, teaching His precepts in an uncompromised Way and leading others to Him by our word and example through His Word, Example and Spirit. Then we will be able to get our relationship with ourselves as leaders healthy first, and then being able to commune with those around us with His Fruit. When we realize how important spiritual maturity on our part is as well as our relationships are and taking to heart that Jesus is there loving, equipping and empowering us, then we are able to carry on as He has called to those in our care. Subsequently, we can lead because we will be able to see where we need to go with Christ first. We can do this with wonder, confidence and without fear, even when we are not sure of the way, because we have His Way as a map with which to navigate our churches to righteousness and holiness. God knows the way. With His map in hand, we no longer see our relationships and path as mysterious or foreboding—if we choose to use the map God gives us and not the one we make for ourselves, or the cheap one with all the wrong directions we get from the world or some faulty trend. The map we are inclined to use in our harsh world is the map we make for ourselves from the ink of how we are treated by others or what we want from our desires, each will lead us in the wrong direction. But, God wants us to use His map from His Truth to lead our churches in His, right direction (Ezekiel 43:7-9; 48:35; John 8:34; 14:2, 23; 15; Colossians 1:24).

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At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes our is relational, but as a whole in americas church we have failed the lost. We candy coat everything to make people feel good. We avoid the truth that even as a saved beliver of Jesus Christ life will always have struggles. It is jesus that we must have faith in to carry thruogh the storms. As christians we we need to show the lost that we remain in the truth of jesus christ in all circumstances. America quit lying to the world and reach out to the lost and lead them to the truth of the cross and resurection.. Amen

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Christians we need to be real in all we do. We need to have God first. People need to hear witnesses of those who fail from grace so that they too can live, people need to know that the love of God is real and inspite of GOD TRULY FORGIVES. Some people know the right thing to do is be with the Lord, by so many Christians are hypocriting and killing the churched. It turn others away.

To be relational, we must be truthful. If I am a chidl of God and I have a lust problem, then I must acknowledge that He is my Father, but I need help and that He can and will do. Sometimes we portray things like GOD is not able.

If the world sees the church giving up on families and not seeking the Lord for healing and mending relationships, then how different are we that the world. Anyone can divorce and move on to the next person who you been with while you were with your spouse, but who can stand on the Word, ask and receive forgiveness and press on without treating the other as past dirt--- Now that is the love of God that must be displayed. To many christians are caving in and the church is saying do, I am not promoting cases of any kind of abuse; but I am a witness that God is able to restore. We had to throw away some mess and cut loose people, but God has set a hedge around us and blessed us to witness to others that if two can agree anything that He will be in the midst and make it right.'

Join the team--keep it real Christians, souls are longing for the savior!


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